March 30, 2023

Analyze Financial Information Exchange Transactions in Real Time

In the modern era, the FIX protocol is used to send and receive thousands of messages, making it extremely difficult for any organization to keep track of the entire FIX flow. Consequently, in order to triumph and provide outstanding Trading Infrastructure.

PhiFIX Monitor is an effective Capital Market monitoring and alerting tool that is made to specifically address issues with FIX connectivity, such as transaction failure/status and exception, thereby reducing the amount of time and resources required for the entire FIX domain. The Financial Information Exchange (FIX) system is a stand-alone application that can be installed in a customer’s local network to analyze and monitor any and all FIX transactions in real time.

PhiFIX Monitoring Suite is a FIX protocol suite designed to continuously monitor the FIX platform in advance of any non-fatal issues arising. Through a platform-based licensing strategy, PMS speeds up, sharpens, and improves the operation of FIX connectivity, allowing customers to concentrate on their primary tasks.

It allows Buy-side, Sell-side, Venue, and Intermediary system administrators to monitor Client and Server logs. FIX Monitor is able to access and refine the configuration of each log session, which can be configured separately with distinct client and server log folders.

We can search any logs in the FIX flow using the Advanced Search Options. When thousands of messages flow through the system every second, this makes it easier for clients to locate specific logs without interruptions. Data can be searched by tags as well as through multiple files. In addition, clients have the option of customizing predefined Settings based on the trading environment for which they will receive alerts and for specific scenarios. Clients can choose to receive email to their registered email account via notifications.

PhiFIX Monitor features include the ability to organize routing logic and custom alerts and notifications. Additionally, it provides a bird’s-eye view of the process that is involved by providing more extensive and adequate authority for pre-trade and trade transparency monitoring.

Key Features • Creating and managing customer and server logs • Connecting multiple customer and server logs • Viewing connection status and client details • Monitoring real-time trading and transaction with high-frequency trading • Monitoring high-frequency market data with progressive filters • Advanced Filters and search capabilities to narrow down Log View • Notifications and alerts for customer and server logs based on pre-defined settings • Statistics and transaction details for specific log based on user settings • Results are converted into downloadable format • Real-time viewing of trades

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