March 31, 2023

Find Some Hidden Expenses in Your Car Insurance Such As Healthcare?

If you own a car, you probably pay for some “extra options” that aren’t necessary. For instance, if you already have health insurance, why does auto insurance require “medical coverage”? Have you ever inquired about this with your auto insurance provider? What should you do if you are hurt in a car accident? Due to the fact that you have this “medical coverage,” will your current health insurance delay paying claims? How long will this take? Will a “lengthy delay” affect your health insurance coverage, increasing your out-of-pocket medical costs because you missed the submission deadline? It all seems too familiar, doesn’t it? However, this “medical coverage” can assist in paying for some of your medical expenses if you do not have health insurance and are injured in a car accident (as it did for me).

In general, the following may be covered by your auto insurance’s “medical portion,” but make sure to ask your agent for clarification:

If you are doing some “summer cleaning” and you are trying to uncover some cost savings because you are worried about that mysterious increasing premium under your health insurance, be sure to call your car insurance and start asking questions (and be sure to document the answers). Passengers who might be injured while you or a family member is driving. If you are an injured passenger in someone else’s car. If you are struck by a car while walking or cycling. If you require dental care after an accident. If you require extended nursing services or hospital

Begin with these introductory questions: If you have a new car, do you really need the rental car option? In what ways is that income loss actually beneficial to you? Which part of your body suffers the injury, and when does it occur?

Start talking about the “medical expense payments” when you’ve warmed up to the point where the car insurance agent is sweating. In your state, what is the absolute minimum requirement? What is covered by it? How does it compare to the health insurance you currently have? When does it take effect?

Additionally, don’t be afraid to inquire about additional discounts, including any

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