April 1, 2023

The Importance of Body-Mind-Soul Integrity for Healing

The inner healer is the soul. In order to facilitate healing, it assumes some of the unresolved problems in the world, forms a friendship with a body, and begins communicating with it. As a result, the soul’s best friend is the body. After that, the body attempts to communicate with the mind through pain and other symptoms.

But the mind is the soul’s worst enemy because it doesn’t always listen. Most of the time, the mind gets too caught up in the ego and takes things personally. It believes that everything is about “me” because it is overly preoccupied with the body and “me.” Take note of what “I” am experiencing! Oh, “me!”

It’s almost never on the mind that the fewer problems we have and the happier we are, the less we personalize our experiences. The mind rarely comprehends that pain is universal and, despite being inevitable, can be healed—if only we could depersonalize life and stop playing the victim and creating suffering. We are instruments of healing, not victims. We simply have to take a gander at the master plan and perceive the part we play in a lot greater plan.

We need to comprehend that the pain I am attempting to alleviate is not only yours but also theirs. To put it another way, pain is just that—pain. It is also one of the things that binds us together and is one of the problems we are trying to solve for the greater good of the universe. Therefore, we should not turn it into a unique victim narrative. We are all in this together, and what I have is the same as what you have and what we all have (it appears to be different on the surface).

Last but not least, focus on someone else instead of on yourself to reduce pain. We can’t always be objective about our own circumstances, but we can usually be when we look at the circumstances of others. As a result, pay attention to the advice you give to others and then act on it, as it will probably benefit you just as much. Keep in mind that we are all in this together, and any apparent differences are only the result of a frantic, disorganized, and anxious mind.

Vyara Bridgeman is a High level Ensured BodyTalk specialist who works with patients from everywhere the world experiencing different physical, mental and close to home circumstances.

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