April 1, 2023

A slew of Zelda: Images of Tears of the Kingdom leaked from an art book.

The Legend of Zelda appears to have received a fresh look:


Tears of the Kingdom includes images from the official art book that have come to light.

The art book will be included in the collector’s edition, as was recently revealed during the most recent

Nintendo Direct, as far as we are aware.


While a number of additional shots have surfaced, one of the images matches the official product image.

It goes without saying that there will be spoilers.

Sites like Reddit have seen leaks posted online.

The pictures have been shared by users JustJulienOffic and Neeklemamp.

Pages have also appeared on fan Discords.


There is so much information here that it is almost impossible to comprehend it all.

Naturally, Link has a few pages, one of which shows what appears to be a wingsuit.

In addition, we can see brand-new characters, foes, settings, animals, fish, and more.

It is anticipated that additional images will surface soon.

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